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‘World Cup’ tops Google’s Year in Search list for 2018

‘The World Cup’ has been listed as Google’s most searched term in 2018, proving that once again, sports events can build up a high volume of internet traffic for affiliates.
Google’s ‘what’s trending’ list takes into consideration the greatest percentage increase in searches for particular terms compared to the previous year. It releases both country-specific and worldwide trending lists, alongside graphs and maps to show the changes in what is being searched for, where it is being searched and when.
Google Search trends have been used by affiliates as a cultural barometer, giving an insight into the events, people, and news stories that have caught the attention of both the nation and world over the last year. The search engine categorises the searches, and releases the trends list towards the end of each year.
It can act as a way of predicting what SEO terms may be popular in the year to come, with affiliates being able to use the previous year’s list to increase their own traffic.
Interest in the World Cup in the UK peaked between 1 July and 7 July, around the last 16 play-offs and the quarter finals. On the global scale, the greatest interest for the event was between 24 June and 30 June, during the group stages of the competition.
“Harry Kane” saw an increase in searches of 550 per cent, while “England at FIFA World Cup” increased by 250 per cent.
Questions such as “How to watch Fury vs. Wilder?” and “How to watch the Champions League final?” were the first and third most popular questions searched for on Google in the UK, and the World Cup tops the list for the most popular sporting events.
Meghan Markle was the most searched for person, meanwhile Marvel Comics’ Black Panther topped the list for the most search for film.
Marvel Comics’ films dominated the top five searches, with Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2 and Venom all making the cut.
It goes to show the importance of advertising licences in the affiliate sector, with film franchises being able to considerably expand their brand reach and exposure.
Advertising licences can be difficult to come by, but the purchase for brands such as Marvel Comics has clearly had the desired effect as it has reached individuals on a global scale. 
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