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What we’ve learned: Affiliate marketing around the world

Join us once again for the affiliate marketing podcast! This week was joined by someone she knows very well, AffiliateINSIDERS head of agency services, Leanna Klyne. Lee-Ann knew that there was nobody more qualified to be a part of today’s podcast where they discuss what we have learned this season about affiliate marketing around the world. 

Leanna has worked with affiliateINSIDER for almost 3 years now, however, prior to joining she had a brilliant career. This can be backed by some of her incredible achievements such as being shortlisted for the Women in Gaming Awards – Affiliate Manager of the Year in 2014 after being nominated and voted on by industry peers. She further reinforced branding on websites and marketing campaigns while also adhering to rules and regulations in different countries. Who else better to discuss affiliate marketing around the world? 

Listen to find out more about: 

  • How affiliate marketing is evolving across the globe 
  • Leanna’s favourite discussion points across the series 
  • Importance of networks for Affiliate Marketing 

[05:00] – Lee-Ann discuss the importance of quick payments during your program 

[06:30] – Listen to hear Leanna’s thoughts about localisation in Canada 

[19:00] – Both Lee-Ann and Leanna discuss what tools are crucial when trying to expand your brand 

[25:00] – Listen to find out what are the key things that drive success in affiliate marketing 

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Season 5 of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast is here! We will be adding new episodes each week that will feature a range of guests sharing insights on SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising, Social Selling and so much more!

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