Trustly’s In Banner Pay N Play will “make it more convenient for players”

Trustly’s In Banner Pay N Play feature is “all about making it more convenient for players to register and pay online”, according to Vasilije Lekovic, Head of Gaming Accounts at Trustly.

Last week, Raketech became the first gaming affiliate to utilise this innovative new concept, which enables fast and secure payments via direct bank account transfers.

Lekovic explained why the feature is so good for decreasing abandonment rates and reducing acquisition costs: “In-Banner Pay N Play is all about making it more convenient for players to register and pay online.

“Abandonment is often attributed to lengthy registration or payment processes, so by streamlining this, operators can expect to see fewer drop-offs. As the technology is so new, we don’t have any numbers yet, but we’ll be happy to share some stats in a few months.”

“In-Banner Pay N Play technology is pretty much vertical agnostic. While we are initially launching it for online gaming, we expect it will have valuable applications in e-commerce, financial services and beyond.”

It’s clear that there can be real benefits for an affiliate that partners with an operator that has access to this technology. That said, Pay N Play may also strengthen the operator’s hand when negotiating with an affiliate because of the impact it can have on conversion.

Pay N Play Estonia launch

The news comes as Trustly launches Pay N Play in Estonia, following on from previous roll-outs in Sweden, Finland and Germany.

Trustly’s Director of Gaming Sales Samuel Barrett said: “Estonia was a logical next market for Pay N Play. The country has a modern banking infrastructure and its consumers have a high preference for paying by online bank payment, which is the cornerstone of our product.

“The high preference is likely due to the fact that the country has one of the most developed digital identification systems in the world. In fact, more digital signatures have been used in Estonia than in the rest of the EU altogether. Estonians are therefore very comfortable using a service like Trustly, making Pay N Play a natural fit.”

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