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Traffic Lab hands over Danish affiliate assets to Game Lounge

Game Lounge, an online marketing firm, has acquired Traffic Lab‘s Denmark-facing SEO affiliate sites.

The deal was completed after Traffic Lab expressed a desire to sell on these assets and focus on its other brands.

Shifting efforts elsewhere

Rather than continuing to channel energy towards its Danish websites, Traffic Lab has looked to grow elsewhere in the Nordics. This includes the preference to focus on KasinoHai, its brand for the Finnish market.

In addition to the above, the Copenhagen-based company will also focus in more depth on Casino Bernie – its flagship brand.

It passes on its services to another well-established name in Northern Europe. Game Lounge and Cherry, which acquired the company in 2018, are both Swedish.

Traffic Lab also has aspirations to expand elsewhere, namely Romania and the US. In December 2019, it announced that a Romanian affiliate licence had been obtained.

Sebastian Angerskov, Traffic Lab Co-Founder & CEO, explained the decision in more depth. His words were as follows.

“The decision to sell our Danish SEO assets has been on the table for some time, as we always try to expand into other profitable markets.”

Angerskov continued by saying that handing these assets over to Games Lounge “will free up more manpower and funds for future projects”.

Moving beyond home borders 

In an official press release, Traffic Lab acknowledged its footprint in Denmark – referring to its SEO sites as “dominant”.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed – it received a nomination for the 2020 EGR Nordic Awards not long ago.

But Angerskov explained in more depth that the company felt it’s time to move on and broaden horizons.

“As a Denmark-based company we have always had the Danish market close to our heart and the performance of the sites has been satisfying”, he said.

“However, we believe the future for the company lies outside the Danish borders and we are looking forward to increase our attention on other larger and potentially more profitable markets in and outside of the European Union.”

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