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The best tools for tracking time management

As an affiliate manager, your time is precious. There is a number of things you may have to oversee, a lot of wheels that you have to keep spinning. Juggling deadlines, resources and communication can make time get away from you.

Luckily, the internet is full of timekeeping tools to help you delegate and control your tasks. Read through our guide to online tools to help decide which is the one for you.


Trello aims to replicate the office board with a dashboard made up of cards designated to every employee. Fill a card with the tasks of a particular project and assign them to various users to work through. You can organise lists by dates or priority, plus the cards allow for commenting and collaboration as well as image and file sharing. It offers a visual experience to delegate tasks amongst your affiliate team.


Avaza is designed to track time on the go, from any device. Start your timer on your phone and stop it on your tablet or any other device, with all the hours you spent working logged away for use in the invoice it generates.

The simple graphics keep track of what you’ve done, what you are doing and what you’ve yet to get to. You can create goals that are long-term or project specific and add them all to your schedule so you can glance and get started in the morning.

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects takes time tracking a step further, by allowing you to estimate or dedicate the amount of time you expect to work on an element of a project, then track and compare how long the task took. Soon your team will be meeting better estimated time with a soft and realistic deadline to work towards.

It will also send invoices based on the time worked and integrates with all your favourite billing tools like QuickBooks, Harvest and Xero.


Freckle strives for the ability to make time tracking as fast, easy, and almost fun as possible. The idea is to make it feel like less of a chore or punishment, shown in its cutesy graphics.

It will track time, then create invoices and billing for the time worked, making it useful for keeping track of the various members of your affiliate team. It will also categorise people as you wish, so you can keep track of employees, content creators, influencers, clients, etc. Follow and track progress on a Mac app, iPhone, or mobile web app.


Hubstaff is for the progressive affiliate manager that is looking to track their team’s worktime and leisure time so that you know what time is spent at work, not just on tasks. You can track the time spent on tasks with screenshots and reports on the team’s time usage to understand how a project is progressing.

A useful feature is the ability to email custom reports to clients, which you can use to promote productivity and make payments to employees based on how much time they worked.

You can also gain reports on your team members’ time spent on various websites and desktop applications, allowing you to make decisions on software that is not getting enough use, for example, or limit time spent browsing for enjoyment purposes.


For an all-in-one tool, look no further than Nutcache. The project management tool is invaluable to affiliate managers who are running various projects within a campaign. With tracking and invoicing features, the software suits small teams that need regular billing features. It has an easy-to-use interface that offers expense management and time tracking and billing.


For a cloud-based time billing software that won’t have your walls looking like a detective’s mind-map full of calendars and diary entries, try Bill4Time.

Bill4Time’s strength is measuring income for your time. You can track billable and non-billable time, simplifying your billing. It will also help you to recover any lost revenue and lets you track time and expenses wherever you are.

You can use the “client portal” for affiliates to view invoices, outstanding balances and payment history with secure payment options allowing you to make partial or full payments from anywhere at any time.


An affiliate manager could find vital use for Timecamp, which uses time-tracking to aid in billing clients, measuring project profitability, and, crucially, paying employees at the end of the month. Paying your regular affiliates and your team will now be a delegated task that Timecamp will automatically carry out.

You can also make use of the budgeting in either money or time with the Timecamp tracking system. You can calculate income based on the time worked, find it on mobile and desktop apps, and enjoy the integrated payment gateway.

For more information on managing an affiliate team, you can take a look at our AffiliateINSIDER guides. Or for a more personalised experience, book a free call with a member of our team.

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