The affiliate marketing podcast – Best of the season!

Hi folks, we hope you have had an amazing festive period so far! Welcome back to this final episode of The AffiliateINSIDER Affiliate Marketing Podcast in 2021.  What a year it’s been right?!  

I know I’m looking forward to seeing what next year will bring us, but this week I’m sharing some of the best pieces of advice we gathered from the expert guests we invited along to explore Affiliate Marketing Around the Globe this season.  

But fear not – I’ve already started producing Season 6 our Affiliate Marketing Podcast and next year, you will be in for so many treats!  

Yes – we’ll be talking about affiliate marketing …. but not as you know it..  

We’ll be looking at how you can AMPLIFY your performance, gain a step ahead of your competitors, take a look at what’s coming in Web 3.0 and much more! So, if you haven’t subscribed – you’ll want to do that now because I guarantee you won’t want to miss this!  

But…let’s get back to today’s episode where I’m going to fill you in on the highlights of this past season in PART 2 of the season recap!  

Listen to hear more about:  

  • What season six has in store for us  
  • How to upgrade your attribution model  
  • The future of affiliate marketing in Africa  

[04:00] – Listen to hear the key differences between trends in the UK vs around the world  

[08:00] – Find out the secret to achieving a successful affiliate program  

[20:00] – India: emerging market for affiliates? Find out more  

[25:00] – Listen to the importance of brand affinity in Africa  

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