The affiliate marketing podcast – 10 things I learned in 2021

Hi guys and welcome back to the affiliate marketing podcast! We here, at AffiliateINSIDER, hope you managed to have a happy new year, safely and with all of your loved ones. This week’s episode is very special as our host, Lee-Ann Johnstone, gives a quite personal review on her last 12 months and tells us what she has had to adapt and overcome in order to become the affiliate marketing whiz that she is today. 

As we begin season 6, Lee-Ann wanted to give you an inside scoop on the person behind the podcast and let you know why she is doing what she is doing. The answer, as I’m sure you’ll find out in the podcast, is that she loves affiliate marketing and being able to transfer this love onto her clients. Lee-Ann gives the listeners 10 things that she has learned from 2021.

Listen to hear more about:

  • Working from home: The new norm?
  • How many companies are utilising affiliate marketing 
  • Lee-Ann’s preferred social media network and how to get in contact with her 

[4:30] – Lee-Ann discusses the importance of work-life balance and how she will take it forward into the new year.

[05:50] – Listen to hear about why communication with everyone around you is the key to good results.

[08:00] – Unsure of when to start an affiliate program? Listen here

[13:00] – Lee-Ann discusses personal triumphs for affiliateINSIDER

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