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Should you have two affiliate networks?

When you first become an affiliate, you will most likely have the one network that you choose to work with. However, there are many different affiliate networks out there that cover a range of products and services.

Depending on your needs and wishes for your business as a whole, it might be a good idea to join two affiliate networks and continue to grow. Could this be a path you pursue? Let’s take a look at some of the considerations to make.

Why join two affiliate networks?

One of the major reasons why you want to join two affiliate networks is simply for the range of products on offer. After all, you as a marketer might have a diverse collection of interests and could want to reflect that with your affiliate marketing activities.

For example, you might have signed up to an iGaming network if you have a love and understanding of the casino industry. At the same time, you have a blog where you share recipes, and so want to sign up to an ecommerce affiliate network so that you can offer deals to your readers for your favourite pieces of cookware.

Being able to pull from different areas allows you to create an income stream that is unique to you. If you want to be able to dabble in multiple areas, having two affiliate networks at your back is going to be a smart move.

Multiple income channels

Many decide that they want to join two or more affiliate networks as they think that this is going to be an easy way to set up multiple streams of income. Though this is true, it is important to remember that you have to work for it.

There are some that throw around the words “passive income” when referring to affiliate marketing. While it is true that you might be able to reach this goal eventually, you have a lot of work to do along the way. You can’t simply sign up to a program and then expect it to make money for you. You need to be prepared to put the work in to see results.

You might have targets and expectations set by your affiliate manager, and you need to make sure that you are trying to make them. Yes, there is nothing to stop you from being a part of two affiliate networks. However, this will mean doubling your workload as well as your potential income and it is something that you need to be prepared for.

Operating sites

It can be a wise idea to separate your affiliate interests onto multiple sites. This can be a great move to make if you are signing up to networks that are very different from one another. When trying to target an audience, there is a chance that they are not going to be interested in the products or services your second network offers.

Separating things onto two sites means that you can keep your campaigns apart. You will be able to target consumers who are actually interested in what you have to offer rather than try to make two campaigns work for an audience that might only be interested in one.

This can also make things much easier for you to manage too. Work smart, not hard, and don’t overcomplicate things. Though operating two sites might seem like the harder path, it is often much simpler to manage overall.

Terms and conditions

If you think that you would like to join multiple affiliate networks, make sure you check with any that you are currently signed up to. This is a very competitive industry, and you do not want to accidentally step on anyone’s toes when trying to operate your business.

Due to the fact that many companies might offer similar products, you could find that some affiliate networks have terms that mean you are limited in the others you can join. Whether it is a full blacklist of networks that you cannot join or just a loose agreement to not work for competitors, you need to make sure that you are sticking to the terms agreed in your affiliate contract.

Don’t neglect one network for another

If you are going to work with two affiliate networks or more, there is a chance that you will favour one over the other. Though you might decide that you want to focus on this favourite and expand and grow it, this does not mean that you should neglect the other.

Learning how to balance multiple affiliate networks is definitely a skill that can be learned. You can also turn to the help of an affiliate agency such as ours here at AffiliateINSIDER, so you can ensure you can hit your goals and manage your networks without neglecting any of them.

Should you join two or more networks? Everyone’s affiliate journey is slightly different, but this is a path available to those considering it.

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