Q&A – Creating & Developing Brands with N1 Partners Group

Interview with Yaroslav Laptev, Chief Product Officer of N1 Partners Group.

 1. How do you make your brands stand out in the overcrowded market?

We study and closely follow the trends of the particular markets we work in. We understand that each project must be entirely localized for a specific region. When developing a product, it is essential to understand who our user is and what they are interested in, which may change depending on the region. This understanding allows us to create and implement new features tailored to a particular audience.

It is also essential to balance standard approach and non-standard solutions – some users like new features and new mechanics while others prefer classic projects.

2. What kind of features does the newly rebranded Joo Casino offer to the players?

The last project update was four years ago. We realized that it had become somewhat outdated and was in need of brushing up. The internet products – everybody wants the newer version, right? So we went and did it!

We renewed the project`s design, completely changed the bonus program, and updated the library of games. We included the image of a fish in the logo – it’s a talisman of good luck in many cultures. We hope that it will bring good luck to our players as well.

The renewed Joo Casino has expanded its audience even further with the improvement of its mobile version.

3. What makes your brands attractive to affiliates?

Our company has been on the gaming market for several years. With our excellent expertise in the industry, we understand well what is essential for the comfort of our partners. Before we start working with affiliates, we specify and present all the leading digital indicators of our projects: conversion to registration and conversion to deposit from the different traffic sources. We are also happy to share information on the way we work with the new players.

I believe that another advantage of ours is the constant updating of promotional materials. We have been developing dozens of new landing pages, banners, and PWA applications every month. We constantly test various registration forms and landing pages. All the materials are adapted and localized for specific regions.

Working with N1 Partners Group, partners can expect timely reports on their traffic information and quick responses of personal managers to their requests. We also guarantee that our partners will receive stable and convenient payments while working with us.

4. Which markets are you hoping to reach in 2022?

If we talk about new markets, we have already launched casino and betting projects in Nigeria – N1 Casino and N1 Bet. We also expect to gain access to Greece and Serbia soon. In the less immediate future, we are planning to expand to the countries of South America. And naturally, a must-have is the creation of brands associated with crypto.

5. What kind of affiliate trends do you predict for 2022?

We believe that the next year is going to be as profitable for our partners as it will be for us. In addition to the well-known regions from tier 1 countries, everyone is looking forward to exploring the Asian territories and working with crypto projects. New traffic sources like Tik-Tok will be actively used. But at the same time, the long-established PWA applications and Facebook are not going anywhere.

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