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Our ultimate guide to affiliate partner types

If you are in the process of establishing an affiliate marketing program, you must familiarise yourself with the types of affiliate partners available to you. But with a wide range of affiliates suited to a particular industry, sector, or niche to choose from, it can be impossible to know where to begin. Continue reading to familiarise yourself with a comprehensive guide to affiliate partner types.

News and media outlets

It may not necessarily be your first choice as an affiliate manager or merchant, but news and media outlets are one of the latest industries to jump on board the affiliate marketing train. This is commonly done by monetising content and implementing native advertising through the use of affiliate links. As a result, a growing number of media giants are getting into the practice of acquiring up and coming online news and media platforms on a regular basis or diversifying revenue streams in an attempt to counteract declining advertising sales.


When it comes to popular methods of communication in today’s digital landscape, email may not necessarily top your list. But it should. It is particularly popular within the affiliate marketing world and is a great way to boost your existing income stream as an affiliate manager or merchant. For example, established publishers tend to build email lists in an attempt to avoid relying on traffic from search engines as well as falling victim to the consequences of algorithm updates. If you are considering email, it may benefit you to curate an email campaign focused on a specific customer demographic or opportunity and feature a wide range of exciting deals, offers, and promotions.


In the past decade alone, blogging has undergone a dramatic transformation. By finding a blog that focuses on a particular niche, however, you can find the perfect affiliate partner for you and your brand. This can range from a personal hobby, product reviews, or general life advice. It is also worth remembering that bloggers tend to prefer either affiliate banners or affiliate links and whichever option they specialise in can be found by glancing at their existing blog posts. When it comes to choosing a blogger, however, you must only partner with them if they are likely to relate to your intended target audience and drive sales.

Content sites

One of the most popular affiliate partner types for a growing number of affiliate managers and merchants is content sites. This can include platforms that focus on gossip, entertainment, lifestyle, or sports. If a website is related to a print magazine and includes regular articles and columns, they are likely to be content-heavy and, therefore, a great option for you. It may also benefit you to look for affiliate banners, links, and sponsored content. If you are in the process of researching suitable content sites, you should also extend your reach to similar platforms that are user-generated, such as online forums or discussion boards, as they can also fall into this category.

Review sites

As well as content sites, reviews sites can be a great affiliate partner. They tend to review a number of different advertisers focused on a particular niche but can also be a little broader if need be. When it comes to finding the right review site for you, an online marketplace, such as Amazon, is a great place to start as an affiliate manager or merchant. But there are a number of factors you must consider before you make a final decision. For example, it may benefit you to analyse each platform for URLs, keywords, and content to ensure it is clean, uncluttered, and free from distracting pop-ups or widgets.

Coupon sites 

As an affiliate manager or merchant, you will be familiar with the ever-expanding popularity of coupon sites and their ability to drive customers for you and your brand. As well as being e-commerce-friendly, they also tend to be the first port of call for consumers looking for a discount code, offer, or promotion on a particular good or service that they are on the hunt for. During the process, an affiliate will offer coupon codes to their existing users and, by doing so, earn commission on any sales that arise from a customer clicking on an affiliate link that directs them to a merchant site. A growing number of coupon sites also allow users to upload their own coupon codes.

If you are an affiliate manager or merchant, there are a number of factors you must consider. Familiarising yourself with the various different types of affiliate partners should, however, top your list of priorities. You must weigh up and pros and cons of each before making a final decision that will drive sales and boost brand awareness for your brand going forward. For example, you can choose from news and media outlets, email, bloggers, content sites, review sites, and coupon sites.

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