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New voluntary advertising code for Spanish gambling operators

Spanish gambling operators have agreed to sign a voluntary code of conduct, in a bid to stop the government from enforcing stricter gambling advertising laws. The deal is planned to come into effect from January 15th, 2020.

This code was created online by JDigital, a betting trade association in the country. It’s been given the go-ahead for the mid-January launch date by Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ).

Key legislation terms

Gambling operators in Spain have been advised to adopt a responsible gambling approach, which is reflected in this voluntary agreement. Messages promoting this must be visible in all ads, while people aged under 25 must also not feature in them. Celebrity endorsements from individuals with a large youth fanbase are also prohibited.

While limitations to bonus offers don’t go as far as other countries, such as the UK where promotional ads are forbidden during competitive matches, there are still some restrictions to these.

The government in this Southern European nation has, in the past, threatened to get harsh on all gambling ads. These plans have also been backed by Spain’s ombudsman. Operators will have to wait and see if their voluntary terms appease them, but are hopeful that this shall be the case.

A new government in Spain 

No outright majority won Spain’s recent elections, resulting in a coalition being formed. This will be between the PSOE ruling party and UP, the latter of which has made its anti-gambling stance clear.

UP, however, has been involved in gambling-related controversy. Its election campaign showcased somebody who argued that their life had been crippled by bookmakers and betting. The same individual uploaded footage from a recent skiing holiday, leading some to question the legitimacy of these claims.

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