Pennsylvania reports year-on-year gaming revenue in August

Pennsylvania Gaming Revenue

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) has released the state’s gambling figures for the month ending 31st August 2020. 

Revenue represented an increase on the same month in 2019, as well as July 2020’s overall performance. 

The financial performance was despite the state still having to contend with restrictions introduced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Online gambling operators in particular enjoyed a significant jump in revenue. 

Online gambling revenue skyrockets 

Pennsylvania’s online gambling launched in August 2019, in which operators generated $3.4 million in revenue. Last month represented a 1,544.1% increase, with the $55.9 million also being a new monthly record. 

Players bet over $1 billion on slot games, which was the most profitable vertical for licensed operators; they made $39.6 million in this area. 

Despite being one of the lockdown success stories, the love for online poker appears to have faded. Revenue in this area reached a meagre $2,729. 

Sports betting also more profitable 

Sportsbooks in Pennsylvania generated $18.3 million last month, which was triple the $6.1 million made in August 2019. Players also wagered a record of $365 million, which was 234.9% higher than the same month last year. 

Online sports betting continued to be the platform choice for many players in the state, with casinos still forced to adopt multiple safety measures and operate at a limited capacity. Digital sports wagering contributed to $15.4 million of the overall figure.