The latest report from Pi Datametrics has found that was the best performing affiliate site in the UK over the past three years, ahead of Oddschecker and  

The report found had a 7.14% ‘share of voice’ in the sector, with Oddschecker and coming in at 5.1% and 4.81% respectively.

Entitled ‘Pi Leaderboard Report UK – Gambling: Sportsbook’, the report analysed Google search terms to find out which sportsbooks were associated with these terms most often.

Other affiliate sites that made it onto the top 20 leaderboard included OLBG and

‘Each year we release a report to accompany our leaderboards, delving deeper into the data and offering you greater insight,’ the data and analysis expert explained. ‘We explore the top 20 performers and how they got there, share of voice over time, top terms by search volume and search trends over time for the last three years.’

Other key findings from the report are as follows:

  • Horse Racing and Football are the most searched sports
  • All sports are affected greatly by major sporting events throughout the year
  • The landscape is made up of 40% Gambling sites and 35% Affiliates
  • There are over 20m searches a year for the major sports in Google UK
  • American Football is searched more than general cricket terms.

Download the full report here.