EPIC and Whysup combine to reduce gambling harms

EPIC Risk Management has teamed up with addiction awareness service Whysup to support the new ‘National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms’ launched by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) at the end of last month.

The partnership will deliver education around gambling related problems, as well as raise awareness to reduce gambling related harm at both a practical and regulatory level.

The two organisations are united by a belief in a practical approach, and seek to make real change – “not simply box ticking” – through applying the right combination of lived experience, business acumen, validated research and unique delivery methods.

Pete Wallis, EPIC Operations Manager, said: “A key enabler in the National Strategy to reduce Gambling Harms is collaboration, as is the important role that people with lived experience can offer. The passion of Mark and Liam (Whysup directors) to make a difference combined with their breadth of lived experience really resonated with us.

“This strategic partnership is a real force multiplier and will allow us to have a greater reach, and positively impact on more people to reduce gambling related harms. We’re excited for the future and believe this collaborative partnership will be instrumental in the strategy to make gambling safer for all.”

Whysup Director Mark Murray added: “EPIC Risk Management have long been known as the leading gambling harm minimisation consultancy and after meeting the team we realised they were like-minded. Paul (EPIC CEO & Founder) and his team have not forgotten why they started and are first and foremost concerned with reduction in harm and always looking to maintain high standards in this industry.

“Whysup are passionate about our work, we have delivered to a variety of different audiences and utilise personal experiences to validate our service. We have a grass roots, real world approach and believe our partnership with EPIC will ensure more people are educated, gambling is made safer and show when to hit the stop button, if needed. We are delighted to be collaborating with Paul and his team.”

The “strategic partnership” coincided with the new three-year strategy launched by the UKGC to bring about lasting change in the fight against problem gambling.

For the first time, health bodies, charities, regulators and businesses have come together in partnership to effectively tackle the issue – with the UKGC calling for action and combined efforts to deliver two strategic priority areas:

  • Prevention and Education – making significant progress towards a clear public health prevention plan which includes the right mix of interventions.
  • Treatment and Support – delivering truly national treatment and support options that meet the needs of users.