Cloudbet expects Biden to take US presidency

Cloudbet US election

Cryptocurrency operator Cloudbet has shortened odds for Joe Biden to take presidency at November’s US General Election.

Biden held firm against current president Donald Trump in the first presidential debate. 

Odds of the Democrats taking control of the White House have now shortened to 1.65, which translates to a 61% chance of this happening. 

Movement on Cloudbet’s platforms 

Ahead of the debate, Cloudbet saw an uptake in activity. 10% of the value of all bets placed so far were put on in the 24 hours leading up to the discussion. 90% of new bets were placed on Trump. 

A spokesperson for the operator said that “Some people thought that Biden’s weaknesses were going to get clearly exposed in the debate”. 

Advantage Biden? 

After the debate, political commentators on both the left and right said that Biden had managed to hold mostly hold firm against Trump’s interruptions and aggression.

There were, however, others who also said that the fiery debate didn’t address key issues in the US at the moment. Thus, little was done to convince voters in swing states.