Mvideoslots acquired by AXL Affiliates

AXL Affiliates has completed the acquisition of Mvideoslots for six-figure fee.

The deal covers all assets, with the Malta-based AXL planning to integrate these under its own brand.

AXL Affiliates CEO Alex Munteanu said: “The acquisition of Mvideoslots is fully in line with AXL’s ambition to succeed in the online gambling affiliate business. Mvideoslots is a recognised iGaming jewel and will enable AXL to integrate an online casino affiliate program into our portfolio of activities.

“This transaction will also enable AXL, its managers and its employees to benefit from Mvideoslots’s experience in the online casino affiliate business. Finally, it will give AXL the necessary means to successfully accelerate its development.”

Mvideoslots operates as a casino affiliate company, while AXL is as an igaming affiliate firm that boasts a network of over 2000 sports and gaming specialised websites.

AXL Affiliates is one of the world’s renowned iGaming affiliate companies, who delivers more than 6000 new customers on a monthly basis from its network of over 2000 sports and gaming specialised websites.

Munteanu added: “We take pride in building iGaming affiliate brands that people appreciate. We have always given the best of ourselves and still stand behind that desire.”