At the recent Betting on Sports America event held in New Jersey, we caught up with the General Manager of, Mark Harper.

We posed the question “what are the main challenges that faces in 2019?”, especially given the tumultuous landscape of the US at the minute. Harper spoke to us about how one of the greatest challenges will be overcoming the current SEO battle.

When it comes to SEO, the US is fragmented. What this means is that SEO requirements need to be handled on a state by state basis, which differs from the sport by sport arrangement that we have here in the EU.

In response to the question, Harper said: “I would say winning that SEO battle. We’re certainly the number one site when it comes to sports betting information on the web, We’re winning the SEO game quite comfortably for those big SEO keywords, and it’s remaining in that spot that is probably our number one challenge”

One of the challenges for the affiliates will come as the landscape for content-based affiliates is set to change, especially when looking at Google’s algorithms.