At the inaugural Digital Marketing Forum last month, Betsson Head of SEO & PPC Eitan Gorodetsky spoke on a panel entitled ‘The winners and losers in the SEO race’. The tech wizard took a deep dive into the world of SEO, assessing challenges currently faced by the igaming industry and offering advice on how to compete with the big boys. Here are some takeaways.

Rank for questions that haven’t been asked before

“Our goal is to rank for queries or questions that haven’t been asked before – games that haven’t been played yet or players that are on the rise,” Gorodetsky explained. “Not just money terms, but also keywords or queries that haven’t been answered or asked yet.”

“Affiliates must try to understand where the revenue is coming from”

“Affiliates are always worried about the bottom line,” he continued. “First of all, try and work out where the revenue is, and what kind of revenue you can get out of it. A lot of affiliates with the big operators today are going on rev share deals, especially in sportsbook as the CPA is going down and down and down.

“So try to understand where the revenue is coming from that is sustainable for your business. One of the biggest things an affiliate can have over an operator is speed – an operator would never work as fast as an affiliate. That speed, that agility, that adaptiveness is a major edge.”

“Good SEO starts with expertise”

“You have to be focused on what you really know – understanding your audience, and more importantly, understanding where your audience ends up. If I’m a British punter, where do I go to understand odds? Where do I get news? If I want to place a bet, which are the trusted sites to get news on?”