Necaxa Football Club scores new mobile app technology

Necaxa Football Club have teamed up with mobile development studio, ECLECTICA, where they will be delivering fans a true interactive mobile experience while also creating new revenue streams in the mobile technology space.

Los Rayos are making a commitment where they will enhance their mobile technology capabilities to give their fans a more interactive platform which is designed to better engage the club.

Necaxa App is Android and iOS compatible for all mobile devices, it has personalized programming with beneficial features for the users such as online gaming, prize opportunities, and individualized push notifications. 

Fans will bet able to access all current Necaxa media from a single point of entry, and moving forward, the club will be able to deploy cutting edge and more personalised media experiences.

ECLECTICA director, Boris Posilovic, said: “ECLECTICA is happy and proud to work with Club Necaxa, as a technological company with apps all over Latin America, we were looking forward to show our potential with visionary partners in Mexico.

“We thank the administration and team whom worked alongside us to developed this fantastic soccer application that brings new opportunities to the club and for the fans.” 

While the main goal of the Necaxa app is to provide the ultimate fan user experience, the business of mobile Apps is excelling, where they have turned over an expected  $122 billion dollar marketplace in 2019.

The platform will support and augment the team’s current efforts in the display, advertising, merchandising and ticket sales vertices. In addition to this, the platform also aims to drive new business opportunities for the club through in app purchasing, gamification, virtual goods and new mobile sponsorship options that mobile apps can provide rather than traditional web placements.

The Necaxa app will also carry a distinct advantage over other Football team apps with a full play for fun betting software that will offer the ability to drive real money contests to support current and potential betting partnerships. 

Necaxa Administrative director, César Enríquez, added: “We are very pleased to achieve this milestone and launch our official app that will allow us to better connect with all of our fans. We want to be closer to our fans and create a better team-fan relationship. Additionally, the app will have exclusive content and several surprises when activating the push notifications.” 

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