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The Forex affiliate industry has seen a rapid surge in popularity over the past few years. We caught up with Adam Sargent, a Forex affiliate and marketer to find out more!

AffiliateINSIDER: Why did you decide to take the plunge and get started in the Forex Affiliate business?

Adam Sargent: “I had been in affiliate marketing since around 2014, operating mostly in the online gambling & poker scene. Then, in 2016 I started becoming interested in the forex and finance markets in general. Once I found out about their affiliate programs, I decided to diversify and started testing the water with a couple of brokers.

While there are a number of reasons why I wanted to get into the Forex industry, the main driver at the start was that the CPAs are massive compared to other industries.

Previously I was getting around $50-$100 CPA in the online gaming sector, and now with my primary Forex broker, Moneta Markets, I’ve negotiated $1200 CPA based on the flow I bring, which is huge compared to other brokers and industries.

The second reason was that when I got started as a forex affiliate, it was far less competitive than poker, largely due to regulations in certain regions. It was a bit more niche so it was easier to get myself set up and established. Also, I studied Economics when I was at university, so the financial markets generated a natural interest for me, because as opposed to poker, I have an understanding of finance.”

AffiliateINSIDER: How do you attract your Forex traffic?

Adam Sargent: “I use a fairly diverse marketing strategy on top of my Forex websites. I run a lot of display campaigns on various social media channels, and then retargeting campaigns from a range of industry-related sites. A lot of effort also goes into SEO. It takes time to build a presence and climb the ranks in Google search. And, they’re always changing their algorithm so there’s ongoing optimization to ensure a good rank is maintained.

As for my sites, I review various brokers based on the actual traders’ experience with them. This is where it pays to partner with good brokers. If I send traffic to a broker, and traders end up not liking them, then it has a negative effect on me and my business. I simply don’t get paid. So a lot of time and effort goes into updating and maintaining the broker reviews based on the actual experience of traders.”

AffiliateINSIDER: What made you choose to partner with Moneta Markets?

Adam Sargent: “There are a couple of other brokers I do a bit of work with, but I find I have more success with Moneta for a few reasons.

They’re a very easy broker to market. They’ve got a great reputation in the industry and they cater for all sorts of traders, from beginners to the more experienced guys that have been around the block a few times and traded with a variety of different brokers.

Of all the brokers I’ve not only traded with, but also partnered with in the past, none had really nailed the onboarding process until I came across Moneta. The ease and speed of getting a trading account open and funded is vital to converting the traffic I send. The sooner a trader can start trading the sooner I get paid, so it’s in everyone’s best interest that this be a smooth and efficient process.

And, as mentioned before, they’ve got something for everyone. They’ve got a custom built WebTrader platform that is perfect for novice or beginner traders, as well as both MT4 and MT5, which are arguably the most popular Forex trading platforms out there. They tend to be what the pro traders and automated traders prefer to use.

They also have a tonne of tools and resources available for traders. Whether it’s Forex signals, video tutorials, daily market updates, trading bonuses and more, they’ve got everything that a trader needs to grow and develop their trading skills. They have put a lot of effort into being able to retain clients which is nice to see, because if a trader is doing well, it means I continue to get ongoing rebates based on the trading volume of my flow. Many brokers tend to neglect this.

A lot of the feedback I get from traders about Moneta is always fairly consistent. Great spreads, responsive customer support, and quick deposits and withdrawals. You’d be surprised how many others struggle to get the basics right. When you find a broker that does things well and goes the extra mile for both traders and partners like myself, it makes it easy and enjoyable to build long term business relationships.

Things like providing their affiliate network with marketing material that helps increase conversions, offering the lowest costs, a range of great platforms, and tools and resources that are aimed at retaining the traders all make a big difference to my business.”

AffiliateINSIDER: Any tips for others who are looking to get into Forex affiliate marketing?

Adam Sargent: “Yeah absolutely. Find a good, regulated broker to partner with. It’s a personal thing and can vary from person to person, but for me, it’s Moneta. They’re a great team to work with and they’ve got a great reputation with the traders I talk to. So, I’d encourage anyone who is interested to take a look at their partnership program.

Also, if you can find a good mentor to help you get to know the market. A lot of affiliates I know from my poker days completely ignore the Forex scene because they find it overwhelming and confusing. Once you get to know it, it’s a great industry to be in and it can be very rewarding.”

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