Is Affiliate Marketing Recession Proof? #AskAffiliateINSIDER

Last week as we came to the end of an era and said goodbye to Affiliate Drive Time, which has been providing both affiliate managers and brands with all the advice they need to working in the affiliate industry. But not to worry, as this week we introduce a brand-new feature that we are sure will keep you informed on everything affiliate marketing related. This fantastic new feature is known as #AskAffiliateINSIDER!

What is #AskAffiliateINSIDER?

You may have already noticed that we have uploaded a number of episodes of #AskAffiliateINSIDER onto our YouTube channel and social channels already; but if not, we can definitely catch you up. In a nutshell, #AskAffiliateINSIDER is a series that will allow you to ask Lee-Ann a question regarding affiliate marketing and the industry, and in return you will get some expert advice.

Whether you’re hoping to learn more about recruiting affiliates or you’re looking for the best tools to improve engagement – Lee-Ann has the answer. If you enjoyed Affiliate Drive Time – you’ll love this new feature.

The series so far

In the series so far, Lee-Ann has answered a number of different questions and has provided some expert advice. For example, ‘Who can be an affiliate?’, ‘How can you start an affiliate program with a small budget?’ and even ‘What is the biggest lie in affiliate marketing?’. To hear Lee-Ann’s answers and to catch up on all of the episodes so far, make sure to check out our YouTube channel.

If you’d like to ask Lee-Ann a question and have it featured in the series, all that you need to do is pop it in the form here.

In this week’s episode of #AskAffiliateINSIDER, Lee-Ann has been asked ‘Is Affiliate Marketing recessions proof?’, which she believes it is. Over the past year and a half, many businesses and industries have suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the affiliate marketing industry is one of the only industries that thrived. During the recession, the affiliate marketing industry saw many brands cut their marketing budget and transfer their budgets into performance-based marketing, which helped the industry to thrive. For more information make sure to check out the episode here.

Also, stay tuned for next week’s episode of #AskAffiliateINSIDER to see Lee-Ann answering some more burning affiliate marketing questions from your industry peers!

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