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In a week where Twitter employees are reduced to a skeleton crew, Trump returns

Trump is back on Twitter.

In a move that new Twitter CEO and owner, Elon Musk, had been talking about since the start, the former President’s Twitter account was reinstated, allowing him to move from his own social media platform and address a much bigger network.

What will this mean for marketers? Well, former President Trump is a very controversial figure, to the point that reinstating his Twitter account is a very controversial and divisive move. It’s yet another flagship moment that depicts Twitter’s ongoing march to an unsavoury place for marketers to be. Whether you want to take the risk on the platform is a matter that a lot of marketers now have to discuss.

This comes after another worrying move from the platform’s CEO, when his already halved workforce the company platform was once again skimmed down to a “skeleton crew”. After having given his leftover team the ultimatum of swearing loyalty and working in “hardcore mode” by the end of the day or leaving, a lot of staff members opted for the latter. A viral video showed some counting down to their “firing” and pointed out that they were all almost 10 years in the company.

One former Twitter said: “There was no vision shared with us, no 5-year plan like at Tesla. Nothing more than what anyone can see on Twitter additionally there were rumours the new vision might be radically different, not just subscription-based but possibly having adult content be a core component of subscription offerings. That is a BIG departure and one I wouldn’t get behind.”

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