Helio Gaming enlists RISQ as insurance supplier

Helio Gaming has selected management and insurance specialist RISQ as insurance supplier for its betting on lottery solutions and Hero Games suite of products.
The RISQ iGaming insurance Platform iGiP will enable Helio to offer high-value jackpots up to €150 million as part of their Hero Games, custom-branded lottery games and betting on international lottery games.
Julian Borg-Barthet, RISQ Director of Business Development, commented on the deal: “We are very pleased, that Helio Gaming has decided to use the RISQ iGaming Insurance Platform iGiP to back the HERO products and their Betting on Lottery Suite.
“We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial and prosperous partnership. The new deal reflects a shift in the industry towards proprietary lottery games and giving more players access to international lotteries”.
Richard Mifsud, CEO of Helio Gaming, said: “Working with RISQ will give Helio Gaming the flexibility to deliver even more attractive lottery solutions to our clients. Partnering with RISQ will set new standards in delivering high frequency and high-value jackpots in the gaming industry”.
Earlier this month, Mifsud discussed the modernisation of bingo, lotteries and casino for the African millennial at Sports Betting East Africa 2019. He is convinced that the need to tailor that gaming content will be the key to introducing the next generation to the world’s most popular form of gambling.

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