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The Affiliate Marketing Podcast – The Future of Partner Discovery with Alex Phillips

As we are nearing the end of Season 4 of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast, Lee-Ann is joined by another great guest this week. In this week’s episode of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast, Lee-Ann is joined by Alex Phillips, the founder of, to discuss all things affiliate management and partner discovery.

Alex Philips started his career in the affiliate industry by running an online user generator content platform, before moving becoming an affiliate manager for a tech company years later. Using his extensive knowledge and expertise from over 25 years within the industry, Alex then went on to set up a computer software organisation, known as Not only does offer a tailored discovery solution to brands, but it also helps brands to source partners of all shapes and sizes from a number of different networks, from traditional affiliates to influencers to complimentary businesses. To learn more about visit their website at

Listen to hear more about:

  • The importance of finding the right affiliate partners, no matter what industry you operate in.
  • How partner discovery has evolved and the future that it has within the affiliate marketing industry.
  • How tools such as can be extremly beneficial for brands, no matter what their size.


[04:00] Alex discusses how he tackles the problems that come with tracking and discovery within the industry.

[15:05] Alex tells Lee-Ann how can help to find the third-party entity and not just affiliates.

[26:00] Lee-Ann and Alex talk about conversion and click through rates and how they can be used to determine how many customers a brand will be likely to get.

[35:00] Alex explains the importance of negotiation when building relationships, setting out clear KPI’s and building frameworks.

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