Google updates policies to allow states to advertise gambling

Google has updated it policies to allow five states to advertise gambling after sports betting was legalised in each of them.

Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Montana, Iowa and Indiana are the states in question as they followed New Jersey, Nevada and West Virginia in legalising sports betting. 

The gambling and games policy updates by Google sees the company launch a “limited beta” program which includes all the aforementioned states with the aim of keeping up with sports betting in the US. 

As well as the announcement from Google regarding its policy update, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) has released its financial report from September 2019 which shows a rise in sports betting. 

The figures released by the PGCB show that between August and September, revenue from sports betting in Pennsylvania increased by 144% to a total of $14.9m, while overall gaming rose by 5% from 2018.

Moreover, the gambling regulator also revealed that the handle through retail and online totalled $194 million in September – A figure which is also 78.4% higher than the handle from August which totalled $109 million in wagers.

Lastly, the financial report released by the PGCB also revealed that Valley Forge Casino was the leading operator in September, with a total of $5.1m in combined revenue and US$88 million in handle, with SugarHouse Casino’s total handle amounting to $37m while registering a total revenue of $2.9m.


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