Duncan Thomas, Head of Innovation at Pomegranate Media, has expressed his excitement at being able to share insight with the “unique affiliate audience” at the AffiliateINSIDER Bootcamp this March.

An accomplished UX expert, Thomas will host a 45 minute seminar on day one (21 March) of the event, entitled ‘Spotlight on UX & Design Trends’. The session will see him share insight on web design and how it can improve customer conversion, a topic he stresses ought to be an intrinsic part of the marketing experience.

“We have invested a vast amount of time behind the scenes, understanding where digital experience is going next and how to respond to the rapid changes in player needs, desires and what gets them to interact,” he explains. “We are excited to share some key features with this unique affiliate audience to help them prepare for the changes taking place.”

Pomegranate is a marketing firm intent on ‘challenging the norm in customer experience design’. The firm stresses that its deep understanding of the industry has helped develop an ‘Emotional Ignition’ that gives an edge over competitors. 

When probed on what the Bootcamp audience can expect to learn from his talk, Thomas was quick to stress the importance of good decision-making: “When 90% of all our decision making is managed emotionally, this seems a pretty crucial element to understand.

“We will be presenting a wealth of new ideas around the next generation of digital player engagement. How Emotional and Behavioural understanding can exponentially improve the results across awareness through to the repeat re-engagement of players.”  

The seminar comes on a day laden with exciting content, with contributions coming from Square in the Air, BlueClaw and Goat Agency amongst others. “You will learn about harnessing the intangible, previously uncontrollable world of emotions to direct powerful improvements to your digital offering,” Thomas continued.

“We will explain how you can develop key measures to give you more insight, accuracy and ways to improve your results. Ultimately we will share with you some of the newest techniques you can use in affiliate world that are already proving significant results in the consumer world.”

Join us at this year’s Bootcamp to find out just how essential UX and web design is when running a successful affiliate site.