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Florida to give sports betting regulation a shot

In state legislation filed on Monday, Florida revealed that it make another attempt to legalise sports betting. The aim is to attempt this via the state’s lottery.

There are three bills related to sports wagering: S 968, S 970 and S 972. In short, licences for a regulated Floridan market would cost $100,000. A 15% revenue tax would be leveraged, additional licences would be authorised by the state’s lottery.

Sports betting regulation has already been tried in Florida 

Last year, attempts were made to legalise sports betting in Florida. However, nothing availed. The state’s biggest problem will be finding an agreement with the Seminole Tribe. The Seminoles have stressed that they control the offering of sports betting here, though this hasn’t been challenged. They are also locked in an ongoing legal dispute with the state, resulting in the tribe not currently paying them. Trying to pass sports betting without consent would be problematic in part due to this, but also because the Seminoles have significant political power here.

The situation is complex because, even though an amendment which mentions that the authorisation of casino gambling was passed in November 2018, some could argue that this isn’t sports betting. Therefore, they might also question the tribe’s control in this aspect. Attempts to legalise daily fantasy sports have also been made on multiple past occasions, with the tribe blocking each of these.

Other big states are trying to bring sports betting online too

With a population of over 21 million, Florida is one of various big US states that would interest operators and affiliates alike. Another is New York, which is home to the country’s most populated city. Attempts to regulate iGaming were unsuccessful last year, but authorities here will try again in Spring 2020. In Upstate New York, some legal sportsbooks are operating.

Texas, on the other hand, won’t even look at the possibility of following suit until at least 2021. Meanwhile, two separate amendments have been put forward in California. It would allow people living here to only wager in limited circumstances for now, including Indian gaming casinos and licensed race tracks. However, it’d be a start.

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