The 3 Questions Podcast: Kim Hultman and Tobias Svensen, CasinoGrounds

3 Questions Podcast: Tobias & Kim from CasinoGrounds

Earlier this month, CasinoGrounds Co-Founder Kim Hultman raised €47,000 to aid the fight against COVID-19.

Hultman achieved this through a 24-hour charity live stream. He and a friend Blanco, a Co-Host for LetsGiveItASpin, took part in various challenges. These included the shaving of hair and beards, as well as a variety of food eating challenges.

After this, AffiliateINSIDER CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone spoke to both Hultman and Tobias Svensen – who also helped to found CasinoGrounds.

The duo talked about how the streaming idea came about, along with their future plans for CasinoGrounds – plus more.

If you want to listen to the full podcast, you can do so below.