Miles Saacks: Unlocking operator potential with affiliate marketing

Following his appointment as Mobilt’s Head of Affiliates, we spoke to Miles Saacks about how plans on utilising his experience to give back to affiliates, as well as how much value he believes affiliates bring to growing operator’s marketing strategy.
AffiliateINSIDER: Can you tell us more about why you chose to join Mobilt?
Miles Saacks: My heart and mind have always been in the affiliate space. I have been in the industry for almost 16 years now and one thing that always seemed to amaze me, with all the organisations I have been involved with was the lack of ‘love’ – if you like – for affiliates.

I know the value and importance of affiliate marketing for any growing company. In my eyes, they are the single most important marketing vertical, especially for new companies trying to make an impact. Affiliates are a vital cog in any online casino machine, and Mobilt are giving me the opportunity to now build a program around the way I want and envisage a great program to be. 

It’s now time to start giving back to affiliates what they rightfully deserve from their great service, the best  and most fair earning models, transparency at all times and some really great products to promote. I want our affiliate programs to be our USP and the main reason affiliates work with us.

AffiliateINSIDER: What elements of Mobilt’s offering can help affiliates stand out in a tough market?

Miles Saacks: Currently we have two brands, Fortune Legends and KTO. It is with the Fortune Legends brand where I feel we will have the most impact amongst affiliates due to our incredible “Vault” product . The Vault is our main gamification concept and allows players the ability to cash in on every spin

You may be asking why Fortune Legends doesn’t have Bonuses? Why give bonuses when you can give players real cash on every spin they play instead. What are the main issues with bonuses? Big wagering requirements, confusing terms & conditions, limits on winnings & withdrawals etc. This is why customers will love the Fortune Legends vault instead as it gives players lifetime real cash as 0.5% of every wager, which goes straight into customer’s vault, there is no wagering requirements on money in the vault, no gimmicks and no limits. We also offer vault earnings boosts where players can get 1% back for playing certain games and during our power hour customers can earn up to 5.0% real cash into their vaults. 

It’s exciting to offer cash incentives over bonuses. I believe this has an added benefit for affiliates, as now they won’t be incurring high bonus costs ultimately ending in affiliates earning more from us as a program than others. 

KTO (Know the Odds), a sportsbook with casino and other products to back this up. It is run on the BetConstruct platform and is a simple, clean and easy to use product. It has an established brand  presence already in the LatAm arena, especially in Brazil, and the focus will be these types of markets in the future ones full of potential. We offer great service and customer satisfaction in a simple to use  product with a brand name that is powerful and just fits this space perfectly. 

AffiliateINSIDER: How can experience in previous roles help you maximise Mobilt’s relationship with affiliates?

The key word here is relationships. Over the years of doing this, I have built up a really good network of great affiliates and along the way a lot of them have become friends, not just business partners  but it’s not just the network I have.

I believe my reputation amongst affiliates is good and they know that if I am managing their account at whatever organisation I find myself at that they will get the very best  service as well as an honest and trustworthy manager who always has affiliates at heart and will fight their cause even if it’s to the detriment of my own progression. I also know what affiliates want and expect from programs and am now at a company that is going to allow me the opportunity to show this.         

AffiliateINSIDER: What are the key areas of development you see taking place in the casino market in 2020 and how is Mobilt going to be meeting these objectives? 

Miles Saacks: I am watching the gaming space to see how casinos adapt their approaches to compliance during 2020. Currently, I get the feeling that most operators feel like it’s a bit of a witch hunt at the moment, with no thought being given to how to correctly police certain issues. 

It’s widely agreed that compliance is very important and the safety of players and the issue around responsible gambling are a priority. These rightfully should be at the forefront of most casinos thinking these days, but it does feel like a bit of a crap shoot in the interpretation of certain rules being thrown at operators from various regulators and how these rules are being interpreted and then passed onto affiliates. 

The big thing now is how to handle age verification and free to play games on affiliate sites. There is a lot of confusion between operators as to how to best handle this. I feel that organisations like the UKGC and the Swedish authorities need to not only pass down fines to those that break the rules but they need to be more clear and provide proper and thoughtful instructions to operators on what needs done when they adapt new policies, rather than leaving it up to operators to decide what should be done or not, as each operator reads and reacts in their own unique ways there needs to be uniformity especially when most issues tend to end up on affiliates desks. I feel that more and more casinos will start handing back their licenses if this isn’t addressed.          

AffiliateINSIDER: Are you able to reveal Mobilt’s affiliate marketing strategy for the coming year?  

Miles Saacks: Growth, as cliche as that sounds, is a top priority for us but we are not going to adopt a shotgun approach. We have a very good idea of what both brands’ strengths are currently and what markets are our best ones – and this is where we will be concentrating our attentions. We want to introduce Fortune Legends as a brand and the “Vault“ concept to affiliates, and start to educate affiliates around the benefit of this to both players and themselves.

We are also going to be reviewing our current partnerships, strengthening these through negotiating better deals and doing overalls of the affiliate programs from looking at our terms and conditions, to relooking at how to give back more to affiliates by reducing the costs passed onto them, updating our creatives and marketing materials and just being transparent and upfront with our partners always so we can strengthen our brand presence amongst this very important channel. 

We have a new marketing team, Head of Affiliates and Head of Marketing and we will be working closely together to give players and our partners a very solid and exciting product, watch this space.