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Catena Media expands AskGamblers into Japan, Spain and Portugal

In line with the strategy in which the company has set in place when exerting new markets, Catena Media has now launched AskGamblers in Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese, meaning the site now operates in six languages.

Per Hellberg, CEO of Catena Media said: “Following our global expansion plan and scaling up our core products is the most efficient way of achieving rapid growth at this time.”

As one of the core features, which comes alongside being a traditional lead-in website, Catena Media’s askgamblers.com site provides a platform to help players speak out and shed light on any wrongdoings and questionable procedures.

The objective of the site is to guard and support players and partners by encouraging casino brands to act responsibly and professionally. It is a given that the main incentive within gambling, apart from the excitement, is money. The most common issues are payments which are then followed by bonuses and account handling.

So far, Catena Media’s Casino Complaint Service has come to resolve more than 10,000 complaints. In monetary terms this was worth EUR 28 million to players.

Nikola Teofilic, MD Catena Media Serbia added: “We have a team that never stops pushing to become better. We have always striven to innovate in our industry and this is a great first step and will continue to make AskGamblers available in additional countries.”

AskGamblers won the Best Casino Website at the iGB Awards in 2019.  With this being the 6th time AskGamblers was honoured with this prestigious award.

The AskGamblers team comprises 60 people, primarily based in Serbia, with skills and expertise in SEO, content and technology. The team’s strength lies in the passion for what the service accomplishes for players and is fuelled by creativeness, innovation and a high-performance culture.