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Perhaps known to you as App Annie, has published its report on the state of social media in 2022, with some surprising results. According to the 91-page report, which you can find here, the time the average user spent on social media was at an all-time high. An interesting concept when considering the recent lockdowns of 2020.

So, what is this jump down to? Well, has a few different reasons. The first given was the rise of BeReal, saying, “BeReal broke out as a popular social sensation in 2022, appealing to users by selling a more authentic, less curated, experience. In fact, no social app has added more new users in the US in any of the past five years than BeReal’s 5.3 million in August 2022.”

With this rise in social media usage comes a clear rise in social media retail, and to that end, the US has now surpassed Japan and China to be the biggest market for consumer spending on social apps. said: “Markets outside of the big three (the US, China, and Japan) only combined for 30 per cent of consumer spending in 2019. This climbed to nearly 40 per cent in 2022 while global spending more than tripled over this period.”

The full report goes into a lot more detail, but it’s a promising outlook for affiliate and social media marketers for more places to take products online.

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