Crypto Millions Lotto - Building brand momentum

Crypto Millions Lotto: Building their affiliate program with branding momentum

I’ve been talking about brand affinity for a while now, especially as it relates to affiliate program marketing. I recently wrote a detailed article about this on to explain my thoughts around it and why it’s so important for new brands to invest in this. 

After watching how brands market their affiliate programs and differentiate their offering to attract new affiliates to their platforms, one brand that stands out as having nailed this is Crypto Millions Lotto, who recently launched their affiliate program at the end of June. 

As a new brand, they have invested into their marketing plan at and early stage to build brand awareness of their product and affiliate program using a mix of both sports-based sponsorships, live events and a concentrated PR and content marketing effort to help scale their launch.

I caught up with founder and CEO Sulim Malook, who is no stranger to the lottery industry about why these event and brand sponsorships are so important for their business and how it’s helping to propel their proposition forward and build stronger customer interactions and support their affiliate program growth.

 LJ: You sponsored the Fightzone TV boxing event in Malta last Friday, as a new brand to market why are you investing in brand sponsorship early on in your launch plan?

SM: We sponsored this particular event because it was based in Malta, an island that we believe is a key gaming destination from which we can build our brand affinity within the iGaming and Affiliate community. The event was a massive success and afforded us the opportunity to meet partners, and enjoy a live event. It  also gave us the chance to network and to establish personal relationships as we begin to expand our growth across global markets. 

LJ: What other brand sponsorships have you invested in early on to gain player momentum around your product launch and augment Crypto Millions Lotto as a new and innovative lottery brand for affiliates to get behind and support?

SM: We’re the Official Online Lottery Partner to Italian Serie A football club Atalanta BC who are once again in this year’s UEFA Champions League. We believe boxing and MMA sponsorship are a natural extension to football sponsorship. We have chosen to back popular sports as part of our marketing strategy to ensure we can reach as many new players as possible. This will allow affiliates to focus on their relevant niche audience segments such as crypto enthusiasts and lottery and casino players who are looking for new products to experience and play. We want to get to the crux of building solid relationships and investing in our brand awareness is part of that process. We’re serious about our brand and our program and we want affiliates to be too.

LJ: Your affiliate program very recently launched, but you’ve invested heavily in the affiliate channel to promote your brand reach and have a keen interest in supporting affiliates to grow their revenue streams. What else can we see as you continue to drive your affiliate partnerships forward in the coming months? 

SM: We’re attending our first live affiliate event in Malta at SIGMA in November and plan to showcase our unique affiliate program offering and promotions for affiliates (and their players). One of the key things that make us unique is that our program offers outstanding benefits such as an industry-first commission bonus of 5% of the jackpot. This means a massive payout to any affiliate who introduces a player who wins a lottery jackpot. Promoting digital lottery offers affiliates the opportunity to expand their customer reach and provides simplicity for deposit conversion around the globe. We’ll be hosting more private partner events to connect and get to know what our affiliates really need and want. We are also looking forward to meeting affiliates from around the world as we want to invest more of our effort into the performance marketing channel as we believe this is the best way to promote and showcase our unique offering.

It’s clear that the affiliate marketing channel is still a key component of many new company and brand launches and is no longer an afterthought. Partnering with brands that have innovative products, commercials and show a vested interest in developing successful referral partnerships is something all affiliates need to be considering as part of their business growth and development. 


If you’d like to learn more about the Crypto Millions Lotto affiliate program you can sign up here, it takes just a minute to join the program and there is a dedicated affiliate team ready to answer any questions you may have. You can also get in touch with their team and ask questions here: 

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