ComeOn Group penalised by gambling regulator in Sweden

The ComeOn Group has been penalised by Sweden’s Gambling Authority (also known as Spelinspektionen) after four of their brands were discovered to be offering unauthorised bonuses to customers.

Breaching their duty of care to players

iGaming operators with a Swedish licence are only allowed to offer a single bonus to players that have just started gaming on their website. However, the country’s gambling authority recently found out that ComeOn Sweden, Casinostugan, Snabbare, and Hajper had “violated the legislation by offering bonuses on repeated occasions.”

These brands are all part of the ComeOn Group. Spelinspektionen revealed it “also believes that by distributing gifts to vulnerable players, the companies have breached their duty of care in relation to the players in question.”

Considering the ComeOn Group’s violations to be severe, the regulator stated that their noncompliance “must result in the license being revoked, unless a warning is considered sufficient.”

Penalisation to prevent further violations

As a result, each of the online casinos received a warning along with a penalty fee. Sweden’s Gambling Authority expects this punishment to be enough to prevent ComeOn from flouting regulations again. If not, they will no longer be allowed to operate in the country.

Spelinspektionen then went on to further explain how they plan on penalising the brands: “A warning must be combined with a penalty fee. When determining the size of the penalty fee, special consideration shall be given to how serious the violation is and how long it has lasted.

“The penalty fee shall be set in relation to the company’s turnover in the licensed operations in the immediately preceding financial year and be set at an amount of at least SEK 5,000 and at most 10 percent of the licensee’s annual turnover of the game covered by the licenses.”

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