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CJ has launched new Recruit Partners tool

Mainstream affiliate network CJ has recently launched a new Recruit Partners tool. Affiliate recruitment is one of the hardest parts of any brands job and this new tool will help brands to make some positive changes. With this new tool now available, what does this mean for the future of the ecosystem between the operator and the affiliate network?

The Recruit Partners tool

The latest tool to be released by CJ is now available for advertisers within the CJ Account Manager. This tool will introduce brands to publishers and make the entire affiliate recruitment process much easier. It will use rich data sets and matching capabilities to ensure the whole process is smooth for everyone involved.

CJ boasts a tool that is easy to navigate, intuitive and offers a smart keyword search functionality. This aims to match affiliates with the right brands for them. There are also additional filtering options that allow brands to drill down to specifics such as network performance and global reach.

They have also noted that they will be adding more to this feature within their network. It is very likely that CJ partners will soon be taking advantage of this tool. They have encouraged both publishers and advertisers to get involved as soon as possible.

Future changes in the ecosystem

The affiliate market has been developing for quite some time now to suit customer needs. Brands can’t just onboard any affiliate, they need to find the perfect match, and this is harder than it looks. Recruitment has always been one of the most difficult parts of affiliate marketing and many operators struggle to stay in control.

This tool created by CJ is one of the first of its kind but it likely won’t be the last. It is possible that some operators and larger affiliate networks will take note and consider implementing a similar recruitment tool.

Having access to information such as network performance and global reach can be extremely valuable for brands hoping to recruit. Brands also need to know that they can trust any affiliates they are onboarding to stay in line with the increasingly tight regulations within the industry. Any breaches of licensing regulations can reflect badly on the brand. This is something that many are attempting to tackle in the recruitment stage in the new ecosystem.

Networks are realising that their service needs to add value and this kind of tool can really benefit all parties involved. We believe it won’t be long before large networks within the iGaming industry start to offer a similar service to operators. Make sure to keep an eye out for this.

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