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BetaList tools that you should consider using

We get it – you’re busy. That’s why it’s important for affiliates and program managers to streamline their workflow where possible. Automation tools are useful for this, which is where BetaList can provide a helping hand. This hub showcases a range of widgets, marketing add-ons and other useful technologies that take the pain out of manual work. 

We’ve handpicked some services you’ll find useful – they’re listed below. 

Rapid Business Cards

While it’s vital that you acquire the contact details of possible business partners you meet, physical business cards can be a nuisance. But fortunately, it’s easy these days to share important information without chopping down a thousand trees in the process. 

Rapid Business Cards enables people to share business cards digitally. Rather than paper, app users can acquire phone numbers and email addresses by scanning a QR code. It’s also possible to create multiple business card types, allowing those with various endeavours to keep all of these separate. 


Funnelll’s name might be spelt with three L’s, but this software could help you attract some affiliate marketing wins. Users can manage and track both campaigns and traffic from various apps, all from within the same interface.  

This integration service also provides tools for re-engaging users who didn’t convert on their first website visit. You can also discover where on your website people are checking out the most, and develop a profile on their persona(s) too. 

It’s only one part of the job to identify potential players that initially got away. To acquire them, you need to tailor what they see on your website. makes it possible to do exactly this, even if you have zero web development experience. 

The software allows affiliates to create customisable lead pages, with over 70 available templates. These not only have redirecting capabilities, but also don’t require additional coding. And in addition to these benefits, landing pages are also optimised for mobile. 

ASK by

Cuddle has utilised the convenience of voice search through its unique software, named ASK. This tool answers queries that users might have, related to business targets and results. Additional context is also added, allowing for the full picture to be drawn. Thanks to this, it’s no longer necessary to search for specific dates manually.

The feature was developed with the help of natural language processing. Because of this, its responses are more accurate. Users can also personalise their dashboard, allowing them to prioritise whatever information that is important to their specific business goals. 


Without a website, there is no affiliate. But trying to build one without being a developer can be an toiling experience. B12 aims to make this process quicker by using artificial intelligence (AI) to develop your website. After doing this, their team tweaks its look and feel based on your feedback. 

As well as helping to get you started, performance audits are carried out on a monthly basis. This means that changes will be implemented as you grow, with minimal effort needed on your part. You’ll therefore continue adapting to your customers’ desires and boost conversion rates, while also having more time to focus on other business aspects.  

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