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Affiliate Marketing Podcast – The Best Insight on Strategy and Advice from Season 4

Last week saw the final episode of Season 4 of the Affiliate Insider Podcast, which was jam packed with some fantastic guests and some great nuggets of affiliate marketing wisdom. As a special treat, this week Lee-Ann looks back over Season 4 of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast and discusses the top bits of strategy and advice that you may have missed throughout the season.

Listen to hear more about:

  • What is takes to launch an affiliate marketing program and what it takes to make them a success
  • The key issues that brands struggle with within the affiliate marketing industry
  • The importance of building relationships and communicating with your affiliate partners

[05:00] Lee-Ann talks to Ory Weihs about what it takes to become an affiliate and ways in which you can grow as an affiliate.

[08:30] Listen to hear Lee-Ann’s thoughts on how there are no bad affiliates within the industry, only bad affiliate management.

[12:00] Lee-Ann discusses how affiliate marketing is set to change in 2021.

[15:00] Lee-Ann talks about the benefits of partner discovery and how it can help a brand and affiliates to grow in the industry.

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Stay tuned as we’ll be back soon with SEASON 5 of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast which will be featuring guests who’ll be sharing insights on partner discovery, affiliate management and so much more!

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