7StarsPartners: 7 Proven helpful steps to expand your Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing doesn’t come without its challenges. To do it adequately, you need a reasonable approach to increase your marketing efforts and build up your affiliate sales.

There are many established approaches for developing your affiliate program that 7StarsPartners has utilized over the years.

1. Set your Goals

Ours is to provide the finest services, set up a safe gambling environment, and help our partners boost their income.

2. Create a content marketing plan

Routine posts with high-quality content will entitle you to establish trust with your targeted audience and assemble a community around your brand.

As an example, we set up The Summer Affiliate Race with a prize pool of €100,000 as a surprise for our partners with an entirely seamless customer experience.

3. Boost your profile (corporate and personal)

Enhance the pages so that people know exactly what the advantages of affiliation is, making you more prone to securing cooperation and growing your program.

4. Offer partners and customers only what they need

For example, the levers and new tools for work to provide support at all stages. We try to add new games to our platforms from the best game providers, new payment methods for our partners and for customers, as well as 24/7 multilingual customer support, whilst practicing safe gambling all at the same time.

5. Build A RAF Program

Referral marketing is useful because it encourages brand loyalty with benefits. People who are recommended service by someone they trust will be more willing to try something they never typically would.

6. Boost Affiliate’s SEO

One way in which you can improve your affiliate’s SEO is by suggesting interviewing them for a podcast or blog post and then linking back to their website from yours to establish authority.

7. Take Part in Events (online-offline)

These further develop connections with affiliates while opening the potential to network even more. 7StarsPartners enjoys attending events and hopes to see our partners at one of the biggest industry expos, iGB Affiliate London 2022, from the 13th to 14th April 2022.

Book a meeting with our team via affiliates@7starspartners.com, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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