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5 ways to connect with your affiliates

As an affiliate manager, you need to make sure that you always have a way to connect with your affiliates at your fingertips. It is vital to remember that your program might not be the only one that your affiliates are engaged with, and so you need to make sure that a strong connection is there. Here are five ways you can forge this connection, to help ensure your affiliates are properly engaged with your program.

Send a welcome email

The first chance you have to connect with your affiliates is when they initially sign up for your program. You need to make sure that you have an onboarding email all set up that gives the new information all the information they could need to get started with the program. This email can even be automated, just needing the recipient’s name before it is sent off.

Follow up regularly

This first email is not the only one that you should be sending. If you wish to properly connect with your affiliates, you need to make sure that you are sending follow-up emails – especially to more inactive affiliates. This can be a fantastic way to connect with them and encourage them to properly participate in your program – or could be an indication as to whether your resources would be best used elsewhere.

Set up video catch-ups

If you want to connect with your affiliates more closely, you could consider setting up catch-ups through video conferencing. Since these are time-consuming and can be difficult to schedule, they should be reserved for either top affiliates or those who need extra guidance. It provides a chance for one-on-one support, and also adds a little personal touch. You will be transformed into a real mentor rather than an anonymous name and face on the other end of an email.

Be visible at conferences and industry events

Conferences and industry events are a great place for you to meet up and network with your affiliates. You need to make sure that you are as visible as possible at these events. Beforehand, circulate a list of any panels you might be attending so your affiliates will know where to find you. If you have a moment free, you could also arrange to meet up with some of them for some in-person discussions.

Offer full support

As an affiliate manager, you need to be prepared to pass on expertise and knowledge when your affiliates ask for it. You need to ensure that you are as open and as accessible as possible. They might reach out through email, LinkedIn, or even WhatsApp or some other tool. You need to make sure that you are available to help them when they need it – though you also need to make sure that you are not holding their hand every step of the way.

Connecting with affiliates is incredibly important. Show them that you are ready to offer the support they need, and that you are an expert and driven mentor. With the right attitude and strategy, you should be able to build some fantastic results together.

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